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We have four new specials for you for the summer

Beat the Heat

Large Pizza, 3 regular toppings, 20 wings & a 2 litre pop for $34.99 + HST Get it here!

Monthly Special

Medium Canadian Classic Pizza, Medium Garlic Fingers for $24.99 + HST Get it here!

Midnight Snack

Large Pepperoni Pizza, 6 Donair Egg rolls for $24.95 + HST Get it here!

Burger Time

Choose any 2 Burgers and fries for only $12.99 +HST, Replace the fries with poutine for just $3 per burger. Get it here!

Buy any two same size Specialty Pizzas and get big savings. See Specials for details.

Our medium pizza is now available with a Gluten Free crust.